Westend Hotel

Westend is our modern interpretation of a great pub, dining room and bar. 

It’s a place to be social and accommodates all sized groups for lunches, events, dinners or drinks in our bar and dining spaces. 

You can find us in the best, busiest precinct for good hospitality in Geelong: Little Malop Street. 

Many traditional pubs can look dark, moody and masculine … basically, all things that we didn’t want Westend to be, so we got our good friend Tarryn Joyce (The Smith Prahran, The Press Club, Botanical Hotel) to give her design interpretation of a great modern public house, with its dining room and bar featuring more vibrant, clean and brighter elements. 

We cater for dining groups of all sizes, as well as groups in our bar areas. Larger groups can also be accommodated for lunch, dinner and private events at our sister venue upstairs, Shorts Place Social.