No. 10 James Street

Introducing Jessica and Jordan, the dynamic duo behind the beloved No. 10 James St in Geelong. Since its establishment in 1981, this iconic spot has been a cornerstone of the community, and the passionate couple is proud to be its fourth owners.

Jessica and Jordan come to No. 10 James St with extensive backgrounds in the hospitality industry. Their journey has been a fusion of their shared love for home-style meals, excellent wine, and an unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience. With every dish they serve and every bottle they uncork, they aim to recreate the feeling of having lunch and a glass of wine in their own cozy living room.

At No. 10 James St, you’ll find more than just a cafe and store; you’ll discover a warm and inviting space that has become a cherished part of the Geelong landscape. Jessica and Jordan are dedicated to preserving the bakery’s rich history while infusing it with their unique vision and personality. They believe in offering not only delectable, home-cooked meals but also creating a place where customers can unwind, connect, and feel like they’re among friends.

So, whether you’re stopping by for a quick coffee, a hearty meal, or to explore their exquisite wine selection, Jessica and Jordan invite you to experience the magic of No. 10 James St. Here, they’re not just serving food and drinks; they’re creating memories and inviting you to become a part of their story, one delicious dish and glass of wine at a time.