Geelong Library & Heritage Centre

Welcome to the Geelong Library & Heritage Centre (the Dome). This magnificent building has been designed for the enjoyment of the region’s community and visitors – local, national and international. Inside, this impressive and digitally-advanced space is the perfect platform for innovative and world-leading library and information services.

Set in the heart of Geelong’s Cultural precinct, this iconic architecture houses a future-ready sphere of reading, learning and fun that will change the way you think about libraries.

Designed to be an inspiring, multipurpose space, the centre will be many things to many different people: a place to meet and socialise; to read and study; to attend events; and use new technologies. Each level is unique with gathering places, reading spaces, the latest technology, spectacular collections, children’s and youth hubs, function zones, café and more.

Under the domed roof of this classically-inspired space, the past and future coexist effortlessly. As the new home of the Geelong region’s vast collection of heritage archives, the Dome provides a tangible and extremely important link to the history of the area.

Simultaneously, the innovative and technology-rich facilities steer us boldly towards the future.

Our library corporation is immensely proud to be able to deliver services from this flagship in the corporation’s network of 16 libraries and 2 mobile libraries. Situated in Geelong, it is the central library for the four municipalities which our corporation serves and sets the benchmark for service delivery excellence, and provides a training ground for staff in the use of new technology and innovative customer service initiatives.

We invite you to explore and discover the Dome and find your favourite spaces and activities. Most importantly, please make it your own.