Nuestra historia

The first time we set foot on Mexican soil was during a seven-hour layover between Florida and Cuba. It seemed like just enough time to catch a bus into Mexico City and squeeze in a few tacos before jumping on the next jumbo.

Over the next seven hours we ate our share of tacos – carne and chorizo topped with string fries and spoons of fresh salsa and chilli. Mind-blowingly good street food. Then… we got roped into a cheeky clown show in front of 300 locals, were mesmerised by modern street art and layers of historic architecture, slowly figured out why students were demonstrating with fake blood covering their otherwise pristine white tees, and danced in an alley to the soundtrack of a live gypsy surf band. In just seven hours, we felt Mexican passion in a tonne of ways.

El Santo is a big taste – a mouthful, even – of that passion. It’s a walk down a brilliantly-coloured, tiled Mexican lane, vibrant tunes tickling your ears… and the best tacos you’ll get anywhere in Geelong.